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Redwing Inbound Marketing

Redwing Inbound is designed to meet the marketing challenges you face in your marketplace today. By creating interesting and engaging content you can increase brand awareness and when combined with traditional established routes to market, it allows you to grow your business in your own unique way.

Inbound marketing is a seismic shift in the way businesses are marketing themselves, and companies who ditch traditional marketing methods and follow their customers online are reaping the benefits.
  Inbound Marketing

As your business moves it's marketing spend online we can help you identify which inbound tactics ie blogging or social media will be most effective for you. When you apply inbound marketing to your sales drive you will see a real difference.
  The 4C System

To make it simple we follow the 4C System!

• Contact (your database)
• Content (your marketing copy)
• Channels (your marketing strands)
• Consumption (the actions your prospects take and the action you take)

These Four C's will create a sales funnel which will help to fill your sales pipeline.

We can help you…

• Get your database in order or even create one for you
• Create content to be used across multiple channels
• Set up and integrate all your digital marketing channels
• Help you take action on the intelligence you gather

  Sales Funnel  
  The secret to unlocking future sales is your customer data and you could have been sitting on that information the whole time! Talk to us today and we will show you how to unlock that secret...  
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